BRICSAdvisors and associate capacities can be initially engaged with through this website and the contact details supplied, as it acts as the international communication hub for all concerned.

The process we typically follow is quite simple and guided by classic business practices, in that once we have communicated and engaged beyond the basic enquiry stage, we move to having Non-disclosure and other process documents put in place, from where we embark on projects or briefs on the basis of project management principles.

We have an external auditing function and clients can at all times access the interface showing the progress of their projects, the budgetary flows and a complete audit track.

BRICSAdvisors will be represented and also be representing some of our clients and associates, in many events around the globe over the next two years, at least. We also have project involvements and an expanding portfolio of such, in the regions under consideration and will welcome discussions aimed at cooperation in terms thereof, and an invitation to to engage with us in this regard, is hereby extended.

In the event of language barriers being a factor, kindly contact us for a version of the material at issue in the preferred language.

BRICSAdvisors are actively pursuing relationships, projects, products and services that can be introduced to joint benefit to new territories and current business relationships. We have substantial capacity to contribute to such processes, including the possible introduction of some funding to assist therewith, and would welcome your approaches to us in this regard.













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