The scope of projects that BRICSAdvisors assume tailored responsibilities for covers the spectrum from small too big and across many industries, and so do the functions we perform in those projects. We could be involved as project management capacities, product suppliers or financiers even.

The core projects portfolio is comprised of those related to compliance and governance management, the spectrum of mobile technologies, renewable energy, agriculture and engineering, project management and consulting. However, we have engagement in numerous projects that do not fall within the core portfolio and hence this should not be seen as a limitation.

Likewise, whilst we are predominantly focused on engagement in projects in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, we do not exclude the possibility of further involvement in other relevant countries further into Africa, Central South America and South East Asia, specifically.

We liaise closely with our associate team in EnviroDev in respect of many of our projects and territories. EnviroDev offers itsí multi-disciplinary team and vast international networks, funding capacities and relationships, and a huge body of research and references, to BRICSAdvisors projects and product suppliers that could serve to make a contribution to the development or otherwise improvement of our environment. We jointly support projects and products in the fields of energy, water, carbon management and taxation, also funding for projects and the initial financing of products. We also jointly attempt to introduce the benefits of mobile technologies and co-operative structures to our projects, where at all relevant or applicable. More about EnviroDev, here .

BRICSAdvisors functions often as ecosystem assemblers and components, and we deliver our value propositions where needed and in the formats demanded by project environments. Accordingly, we adhere to project management principles and formatting, also to our premise of independent financial accounting procedures.













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