BRICSAdvisors have assembled a management team and capacities hub focused on industries which our combined views have identified as priority opportunities in BRICS-context. Whilst the industries referred to later on this page by no means represent an exclusive list, it is confirmed that we have specific high-level expertise, involvements and associate capacities in the industries singled out. The industries are dealt with in no specific order or priority.

ICTCompliance is an associate enterprise dealing with compliance and governance matters on an international basis, a must-have component to a project in BRICS context. The experience and relationships assembled during acting as project or enterprise principals in many international ventures since 2002 serve as foundation for the array of related services facilitated by BRICSAdvisors.

The full spectrum of mobile technologies, traditional digital and web publishing, software and application development and the establishing of the ecosystems required to take an offering to international markets, form one of the core competency hubs on offer from BRICSAdvisors and we have covered the globe with project involvements in this space over the last two decades.

The fields of renewable energy, carbon offset and related project management, agriculture and manufacturing also form pockets of particular expertise and project involvements by BRICSAdvisors team members and associated enterprises. Innovative construction technologies have also seen some investments and project roll-outs managed by BRICSAdvisors principals. EnviroDev is an associate enterprise that houses many of these projects and capacities, including the support for Co-operatives. More detail regarding the segments mentioned specifically in this paragraph is available on the EnviroDev dedicated publication.  













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